January 24, 2020


By IsozakiAi
【TOKYO】 - 悠三堂 / Yusando Online Store

The connections brought about by tea
The circle formed by the latest technology

In the middle of Tokyo
Today began after taking a break
The universe that spreads through Mr. Hoshimado's training
The bliss of forgetting time and letting yourself go
@hoshimado121111 Thank you .

Meeting in Omotesando
Even if it seems like a big dream
I feel like I can reach it somewhere
If it is a tea that many people around the world will love
I would like it... … and
when we talked like that
next time in London

The last organic cafe we ​​went to
A chance encounter
A mischievous story about a tea lover
Listening to wonderful thoughts
I'm glad I'm a natural farmer

I'm so happy that I met tea.
My heart is so warm...
Thank you
@organiccafe_yukisukinokuni @shogakik
I stopped by several teahouses and cafes
Tokyo doesn't fear evolution...
I had a great day today

This is my souvenir from Tokyo
I am grateful for the many discoveries and encounters

See you next month
There is a world yet to be seen here


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