• Yusando lucky bag 2022

    悠三堂の福袋2022 - 悠三堂 / Yusando Online Store

    Happy New Year ☺️

    From Yusando
    2022, this year's fortune sharing

    I made a small lucky bag.

    This year's popular Hojicha tea bag, Daigoro Bancha tea bag, and large-format behavior with matcha paste.

    I think the content will be enjoyable for everyone from the New Year 😊

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  • In the dark

    暗闇の中で - 悠三堂 / Yusando Online Store

    A rainy day.
    On a day like this, it's a quiet old folk house.

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  • 【rabbit】

    【ウサギ】 - 悠三堂 / Yusando Online Store

    October 1st name month

    The tea leaves entrusted to an acquaintance are

    They were so cutely decorated

    Two rabbits

    While hiding happily

    Playing in the tea plantation

    Happy mood


    has just started, but

    I'm sure you'll say

    "In a blink of an eye ..."

    Precious days

    I want to spend time carefully

    Have a nice day today

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  • [A gathering of young natural farmers]

    【若き自然農法家の集まり】 - 悠三堂 / Yusando Online Store

    Nara's young natural farmer

    Mr. and Mrs. Kawaguchi of Sakurai

    Mr. Okano from Tenri @ shiketa33nokao

    and us.

    It was a lively party with guests from Kyoto. Thank you everyone.

    Over each other's fields,

    I studied.

    In each field, we have shown the results that overturn the general theory that crops cannot be produced by natural farming. very.

    Lunch was served by Mr. Okano's home cooking at our office.

    A little more until rice harvesting.

    I had a good autumn with a natural farmer.

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